How much does a good laptop cost?

This is likely one of those inquiries you can’t answer straightly, so excuse me in the event that I might take a detour.

Above all else the cost of a PC reduces to the specs it has. By specs I mean everything from the screen to the minute processor chip. The body type additionally influences the cost. Most PC making organizations are moving from making plastic PC bodies and moving to aluminum or magnesium bodies and the preferences. Some as of late delivered PCs have carbon fiber bodies like, the new VAIO Z which is the world’s first contoured carbon fiber laptop with a 4K display & 11th gen Intel Core processor, pretty slick  right?

VAIO Z below,

You can get this PC from Amazon with different specs and different prices.

Presently back to our inquiry, mind you the inquiry says “good laptop” and not “best laptop“. At the point when we’re taking a gander at the best workstations we’ll most likely be discussing a value range from US$800 going up. Good laptops cost around US$500.

I can’t give you a conclusive cost however a reach, so when planning put as a primary concern the reach will be from US$350-US$599. I’m almost certain somebody’s likely wondering why I didn’t specify the reach from US$600-US$799. The laptops you can discover between that reach aren’t as such the best PCs and neither would I classify them as great, so what should I call them? I wonder, allow me to simply say they are decent. So assuming you’re willing to blow some more cash yet not all that much, that is the range you should take a gander at.


Chromebooks are a superior pick for great laptops at a lower cost. They dominate with regards to web related capacities. Actually I suggest them for the anime weebs, YouTube streamers and individuals who stream movies on the web, they are acceptable laptops for some Netflix and chill. Chromebooks are likewise acceptable PCs for understudies who venture much in research. To top everything up they are ultraportable, subsequently simple to haul around. Most Chromebooks have a very good battery run time so you can utilize it the entire day.

Chromebooks like the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 (13″) 2 in 1 are such models. The Lenovo Chromebook Flex has a generally excellent battery run time. This is a PC I would recommend to students. The detriment it has is that it has a small hardrive with a capacity of 64GB but it’s generally a good 2-in-1 laptop.

Lenovo Chromebook Flex below,

lenovo chromebook flex 

I have a terrible piece of information to impart to the gamers like myself. For gaming, you’ll need a gaming PC with an innovative graphics card and a speedy and responsive screen(refresh-rate). To add to the dissapointment, gaming workstations are normally obsolete sooner than most different sorts of PCs. The gaming industry is working on day by day to further develop the graphics quality and make games more realistic, consequently the more the games further develop the more the equipment is needed to improve alongside them.

There are some acceptable gaming workstations you can discover inside the reach I mentioned(US$350-US$599) yet you’ll presumably need to expand their specs like for example the RAM and perhaps a bigger SSD(hardrive). A good gaming laptop I would recommend is the Vivobook 15 by Asus .


  • Processor: Intel Core i5-1035G1
  • EAM Memory:8GB
  • Storage:128GB SSD/512GB SSD
  • AMD Graphics card: Radeon Vega 3

Backlit keyboard and Fingerprint*


One other aspect I failed to mention is that a PC’s price varies with it’s specs. The laptop model might pack different hardware or software. One might have different graphics cards, memory, storage, processor or even the OS. Online stores like Amazon can give you many different options of specs and you choose the specs you want for your laptop hence also changing the price. To add on to that, some of the PC prices also change from day to day on online stores.

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