There are some reasons why your phone automatically answers phone calls. However, sometimes it is caused by a particular phone setting or phone damage. Either way, there are solutions to these minor phone issues and even the major ones in the case whereby you’ll have to get a new mobile phone. Furthermore, the most common cause associated with a cell phone automatically answering calls is the possibility of placing your phone on the “Auto Answer Calls” setting.

When your phone is placed on “Auto-answer,” it automatically answers incoming calls without delay and without you touching your screen or swiping it. This setting can be somewhat frustrating because it could answer a call you’ve been trying to ignore. Also, it could automatically answer an official call when you’re not in a suitable environment to talk; this can also be pretty embarrassing.

Although this feature has its cons, it is suitable when you need to answer calls while driving so as not to get distracted by trying to swipe your phone screen to answer a call. Parents, especially nursing mothers, can find this feature suitable because it would relieve the stress of answering a call themselves when they’re head-deep in house chores. If your iOS or Android phone should automatically answer calls often, or when you link your phone to a Bluetooth device or headphones, the “Auto-call” feature can be turned off.


In Android phones, this feature can be turned off in the “Settings” section of the phone. Follow the following procedures to deactivate this:

Switch on your phone.

  • Open your phone’s app list (not the homepage); you can swipe your screen upwards or sideways to get this.
  • Tap/Click the “Settings” icon on your app list.
  • Scroll downwards to a part of the setting titled “Auto-answer,” tap on it and deactivate it.


To toggle off this feature on your iOS device, follow the following procedures:

Switch on your phone.

  • Open the “Setting” app on your app list.
  • Scroll through your setting app and click on the “Accessibility” icon.
  • Scroll through and tap the “Call Audio Routing.”
  • Click on “Auto-answer Calls” to toggle it off.


Aside from switching on your “Auto-call” icon, other things could cause your cellphone to answer calls automatically. Find out below!


Other Causes of Automatic Call Answering 

Perhaps you’ve checked your call setting, and you’ve found out that you don’t have any issue with the auto-call icon, but your phone keeps picking up your calls; there might be other causes for this.

The following are other causes of your phones automatically answering calls:

Phone in the pocket

If you often place your phone in your pocket, with the screen facing your leg or your chest (side pocket or breast pocket), then there is a high probability that your phone will automatically answer any incoming call. Consider placing your phone in your pocket with your phone’s screen facing out. That way, your skin won’t have contact with your phone, which is equivalent to your fingers answering calls.


A fall

Perhaps your cellphone has suffered a fall in times past. It could have developed a “Ghost touch” problem. A ghost touch cellphone issue is the process whereby a phone performs actions on its own without any physical touch. Therefore, if your phone has once suffered a fall, it could ‘ghost touch’ itself to answer your calls, especially when its screen got broken as a result of the fall. All you need to do is, fix a new screen by taking it to a phone specialist and also check for other possible internal damages which could also be as a result of the fall.


Faulty software

Though this cause is rare, your phone can automatically tap itself and pick up your calls if you have downloaded faulty software, which could be infested with a software virus. Therefore, be careful of the software you download online and always have anti-virus software on your mobile device.


Bad phone charger or charging slot

Your phone can automatically tap itself when connected to a bad charging slot or when using a faulty phone charger. So, if you notice that your phone automatically picks calls anytime you are charging it, it could be as a result of your charger or the charging slot. Therefore, you’ll need to get a new charger or change your charging space.


Faulty screen protector

If you have a bad screen protector, your phone might definitely touch itself. Aside from having a cracked screen guard, it could also be a result of not placing your screen protector correctly or having particles between your screen and the guard. Try to adjust your screen protector and wipe clean the space between the screen and the guard. If you can’t do this, you can take it to a phone technician to help you out with that.



Generally, for your phone to function well, it has to be in a temperate environment. If the atmosphere is too hot, your phone could overheat and cause it to automatically tap itself, which definitely includes answering your calls for you. When you notice that your phone is overheating, stop using it at that moment and leave it for some time or place it in a bag and place it in a refrigerator to cool it down.

However, if you’ve tried all the guidelines listed above and the issue still persists, consider getting a new cellphone.



Having issues with your cellphone can be frustrating because it is already part of our day-to-day activities. In this modern era, I do not think one could do without a cellphone. Gone are the days when you travel from one place to another to deliver a message; now, technology has made things a lot easier, safer, and better.

You can’t be a business owner and have a faulty cellphone because it could ruin what you’ve built over the years within a short period. Therefore, to avoid such bad occurrences, adjust, repair, or buy a new mobile device if the present one keeps acting up.



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