Getting a router with fast internet speed does not guarantee fast download speeds on your computer. While ISPs can give their routers or modems increased bandwidths, some other factors may hinder or assist internet speed on your laptop.

If you use an older computer, have other devices connected to your router, or are not in the same place as your router, you may experience slow download speeds while attempting to get an app or game online. Other times it might be an issue with the website you are trying to access or a virus in your system.

Follow us as we explore why you have a slow download speed and how you can remedy the situation.


Why is my computer download speed slow?

There are a lot of factors that can limit your download speed, some of them are:

  • Outdated OS/ Firmware
  • Virus/ Malware
  • Background applications
  • Busy website
  • Website location
  • Problem with the router
  • Bad wifi signal
  • Sharing internet connection


Outdated OS/ Firmware

The operating system is the program that decides how computer programs function. An outdated operating system will affect the operation of the computer, it may affect the running of certain programs or reduce the efficiency of device drivers.

If your laptop has an outdated operating system, you can expect it to have a slow download speed, especially if the game you are trying to download is not compatible with your current OS.

Outdated firmware can also cause slow download speeds. The firmware is the program that runs your router or modem, updating your firmware will erase device glitches, bugs, and redundant codes that are causing a holdup in network speed.

You can update your OS manually or set your computer to detect updates online, download, and automatically install them.


Virus/ Malware

Viruses can get on your computer by attaching themselves to documents, movies, or applications you download from websites. A virus can also infect through the stored website cache stored on your laptop. These viruses can also use bandwidth by running programs in the background.

Malware can also alter the functions or settings of your device, this can lead to slow network and download speed.

You can prevent viruses from getting on your laptop by enabling Windows Defender or Firewall. These two programs will scan recent files on your computer for suspicious codes and flag them.

Antivirus softwares can also help in eradicating existing malware on your computer.


Background Applications

When you power on your computer, some applications are designed to run or boot in the background, these applications can affect network speed.

Additionally, having too many applications open in the background can affect network speed on your computer, this is because all those applications will also be using internet service. And when there’s too much load on your modem, the download speed will reduce to accommodate the other applications.

You can boost your download speed by ending background applications on Windows Task Manager.


Busy Website

If there’s too much traffic on the website you are downloading your game from, the download speed will reduce to reflect the number of people sharing the website with you.

You should note that anybody from anywhere in the world can access the world wide web. So, if you, and millions of other people all over the world, are trying to download a new game, the download speed will be slow because other people are also trying to access the game. The slow connection is from the website trying to handle the huge strain that has been placed upon it.

If you are unable to cope with the slow connection, a simple solution will be to get the game from another website. Or wait till you can be sure that the website traffic is reduced.


Website’s Location

If you are downloading from a website that is based in a faraway country, you will experience slow download speed. This is because the game you are trying to download is stored in a physical location that may be millions of miles away from you; accessing that location and retrieving the file you require will take time.

For instance, if you are in Nigeria and want to download a game from a website that is hosted in Russia, the download speed will be sluggish. The reverse will be the case if the file you want is on another Nigerian website or in the African hemisphere.


Problem with the Router

Sometimes a slow internet connection and slow download speed can be a result of the modem itself. Having your modem in a different location to your computer will reduce the quality of the connection and also affect your download speed. For better connection, move your router or modem closer to your laptop.

The problem could also be an error in router settings or configuration, this type of error is not easy to detect, but it can cause an unstable internet connection. Also, an old router will find it hard to give fast download speeds, this is the case for an overworked router too.

A simple solution to this is to change your router or get a new modem with the newest firmware for faster download speed. Also, restarting your modem will clear minor glitches and bugs causing unstable connections.


Bad Wifi Signal

Bad wifi signals can arise from interference in connections. Devices like radios, phones, and walkie-talkies can affect wifi signals. This is because they also depend on wireless UHF signals to work. So, picking a call near your router can disrupt or slow down internet connection speed. Radios and walkie-talkies also have the same effect when operated close to an active router.

Additionally, having physical barriers between your computer and modem will result in bad wifi signals, and also affect your download speed.


Sharing Internet Connection

Your modem or router can connect to multiple devices at the same time. However, like the issue with background apps, having too many devices connected to your modem will slow down the internet connection and affect your computer’s download speed.



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